Consumer information

As part of the program established by the current Government, and in order to make the lives of citizens and companies more efficient, Decree-Law 102/2017 was published on August 23rd, 2017, having as main purpose to update the information that must be affixed in commercial establish-ments that sell goods and/or provide services.

Among the novelties brought by this D.L., we highlight the amendment to art. 10 of Law 144/2015 of September 8th and consequent amendment to art. 29 of Law 10/2015, January 6th, regarding the information to be provided about alternative dispute resolution entities for consumer dis-putes.

Thus, according to the current wording of these regulations, merchants are now exempted from informing consumers of alternative dispute resolution entities available for consumer disputes, being only obliged to inform consumers of dispute resolution entities to which they are bound, by adhesion or legal imposition resulting from arbitration, having for that purpose to indicate the website of the same.