Auditório Abreu Advogados

Medical Cannabis

We will present and discuss at this conference matters related with the use of medical cannabis in Portugal and their respective regulatory, legal and business technical perspectives.


  • 10:00


    Dr. José Eduardo Martins (Partner Abreu Advogados)

    Dr. Miguel Guimarães (President of the Portuguese Medical Association)

  • 10:15

    1st Round Table: The Evolution of Medicinal Cannabis in Portugal

    Moderator: Dr. José Eduardo Martins (Partner Abreu Advogados)

    Dr. Eurico Castro Alves (Former President of Infarmed I.P.)

    Prof. Doutor Hélder Mota-Filipe (Former President of Infarmed I.P.)

  • 10:45

    2nd Round Table: Technical-Regulatory Perspectives of Medicinal Cannabis

    Moderator: Dra. Filomena Frazão de Aguiar (WiseHS)

    Dr. Fabrício Pamplona (AHARA Director I&D) - "Cannabis Aging Brain"

    Dr. Manuel Durães Rocha (Sócio Abreu Advogados) - "National Legislation"

    Dra. Mónica Povo (WiseHS) - "Regulatory Affairs"

  • 11:30

    Coffee break

  • 11:45

    3rd Round Table: Future Perspectives Futuras - Global Market

    Moderator: Dra. Inês Sequeira Mendes (Partner Abreu Advogados)

    Dr. Fernando Gabas (AHARA CEO) - "AHARA and the Global Market"

    Eng. Eduardo Oliveira e Sousa (President of  CAP) - "Cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis"

    Prof. Dr. Luís Fábrica (Of-Counsel Abreu Advogados) - "Legal framework US, USA, Canada"

  • 12:30


    Dr. Luís Marques Mendes (Of-counsel Abreu Advogados)

    Prof. Doutora Maria do Céu Machado (President of INFARMED, I.P)

José Eduardo Martins


Manuel Durães Rocha


Inês Sequeira Mendes


Luís Marques Mendes

Of Counsel

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