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COVID-19 l Extension of the air traffic restrictive measures 

On June 30 of 2020, the Portuguese government issued the Order n.º 6756-C/2020, on the extension of the air traffic restrictive measures with destination to or from Portugal.

These new measures are accompanied with exceptions, among which stand out the following:


  • The exceptions of the air traffic, through which the flights are admitted only for essential travels, are addressed to: (i) Portuguese speaking third countries (e.g. Angola); (ii) Brazil, only regarding to the flights to and from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro; and (iii) the United States of America.
  • By means of “essential travels”, are intended the following: (i) For the nationals of European Union Member States and the Schengen countries and its respective members family, as well as the citizens of third countries who have legal residence at Portugal or other Member State; (ii) For nationals of third countries who is travelling by professional, health and/or humanitarian reasons, according to reciprocity rule;


Regarding to the travel reasons, we suggest that the travelers bear with them documents able to demonstrate the cause of the travelling as essential, as statements, certifications, personal and family documents, documents issued by consulates, etc.


  • The travelers from third countries (Portuguese speaking countries, Brazil and USA) who do not have Portuguese nationality or residence, shall present at the moment of the departure the Covid-19 test evidence, with negative result, performed in the last 72 hours before boarding, otherwise, the entrance in Portuguese territory shall be denied.
  • On the other hand, for Portuguese citizens and foreign citizens with legal residence in national territory, who do not have the negative test of COVID-19, as soon as the arrival in the airport in Portugal, they will be immediately forwarded by the competent security authorities to carry out the referred test at their own expense.
  • In addition, as provided by the previous rules, flights between countries belonging to the European Union, Schengen countries (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) and the United Kingdom are still permitted.
  • Finally, it is worth to point out that some countries listed by recommendation of the European Council have also been included by the Portuguese air traffic authorization subject to a positive epidemiological evaluation and to confirmation of reciprocity: Algeria, Canada, South Korea, Morocco, Tunisia and China.


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